Honduran (True) Mahogany

Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) ranges from Central America to Colombia, Venezuela, and the upper Amazon. Pinkish or Salmon colored when fresh, Mahogany ages to a deep rich red or brown. It takes stain very well and is available stained to a wide range of reds and browns. Mahogany with very plain figure is inexpensive and often found on low-end guitars. But mahogany figure comes in a tremendous variety from ribbon-stipe, to bees-wing, to pommelle, to awesome quilt figure. Of course, highly figured specimens are quite expensive.

Mahogany is often found on low quality guitars, leading to a common misperception that Mahogany itself is inferior. However, its bright, woody tone is quite pleasing. Mahogany can add sparkle to the normally boomy Dreadnought and is great for blues or slide players. Mahogany's light weight also makes for a comfortable guitar, and it is more likely to radiate sound to the player, making it nice for those who play for their own enjoyment.